Food Secure Oliver Completed!

Food Secure Oliver Completed!

The Town of Oliver and the Food Action Advisory Committee have endorsed Food Secure Oliver and have established a coordinator position to support plan implementation!

Food Secure Oliver is a community-driven plan to help coordinate activities to create greater community food security. The Plan brings together research and engagement outcomes to form a framework including a vision, goals, objectives, strategies, and ideas for plan implementation. Food Secure Oliver is intended to guide community planning for increasing food security for the next 10 years. Many residents in Oliver face challenges to food security. People identified issues such as being able to buy and get to healthy food sources as barriers. These conditions exist despite the town being in a highly productive agricultural area in an affluent region and country. Food Secure Oliver has been created to develop pro-active approaches for increasing community food security.

Funding for this project has been provided by the Community Food Action Initiative, in cooperation with Interior Health in addition to funding provided by the Town of Oliver and Plan H.

To find out more and to get involved,please contact the Town of Oliver:

Phone: 250-485-6200


Facebook: @TownofOliver

Twitter: @TownofOliverBC